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Friday, April 9, 2021

Moving Closer To God Is The Secret Of Our Success - Mrs Aderonke EmmanuelKing

....Call on Nigerians to submit themselves to God 

Lagos- The wife of the African Giant Property Company Adron Homes, Mrs Aderonke EmmanuelKing has admonished Nigerians to have faith in Almighty God as she revealed how God sent an angel to his husband, Aare Oba Adetola EmmanuelKing during his time of trial on hospital bed.

It could be recalled that Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing was shot by unknown cultist who actually aimed his life to get rank in their cult group in 2011 where his leg was badly shot, he was rushed to Lagos Teaching Hospital LASUTH, Gbobi in Lagos State, where the doctor confirmed he had femor which will take a year to recover but God sent an angel from above.

Meanwhile, the company he was working as Executive Director dumped him due to the attack by armed cultists believing he would be a burden on the company.

Mrs Aderonke EmmanuelKing further explained to the guest during cocktail party organized to celebrate Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing's birthday, She charged the guest to submit their life to God, to receive the supernatural blessing that people will imagine how they are doing it.

"My husband was sacked from the company he was a Executive Director due to his gunshot but he never relented, God sent an angel in form of a man to him to transact business worth millions of naira to buy land along expressway and up till now we have not seen the man to come to his land, we need to be closer to God and give all we have to him,  I could recall when my husband paddled a canoe at Obogoro without minding his life for God in Bayelsa among other ministering to gain soul for christ, I am glad Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing shared his story tonight to enable some gesters understand the journey of his life." 

Also, she urge the guests to keep praying for his husband towards succeeding in his daily endeavors because prayer is the master key to open all doors.

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