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Friday, April 2, 2021

Exclusive Interview With Amebo Newspaper NG: Gale Of Defections In Ogun State; Reality In Proper Perspective

Rt Hon Tunji Egbetokun, Senior Special Adviser to Governor Abiodun on Politics and Hon Adebiyi Adeleye, Senior Special Assistant on Political Matters, Ogun State.

Events shaping the Ogun State political landscape in recent time has left observers in a melodramatic situation. Ranging from defection of former Governor Gbenga Daniel, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Dimeji Bankole, and a host of others, to the silence and ground moves of Sen Ibikunle Amosun. Observers wish to know who and who belongs to which side, viz a viz the strength and relevance of occupants and members of the APC. 

At the heels of the latest defection in town, Chief Mrs Solaja aka Jumlar (Ijebu North LG of Ogun East) to the APC, and following the innuendo of structure following her defection, Amebo interviews Hon 'Biyi Adeleye, Special Adviser to Governor Dapo Abiodun MFR on Political Matters.

Amebo Correspondent: Good morning and happy weekend sir

Hon 'Biyi Adeleye: Good morning, best wishes. 

Amebo Correspondent : Sir, yesterday, at his Abeokuta residence Sen Ibikunle Amosun received leaders of PDP loyal to late Buruji Kashamu to his APC SIA/PMB structure. The decampees were led by Chief (Mrs) Ibilola Solaja alias JUMLAR.

Hon 'Biyi Adeleye: I have been inundated with calls and texts from journalists, political actors and keen observers, on the 'purported' decamping/realignment of some people loyal Buruji to a group tagged 'SIA/PMB' structure, a group at best described as a collection of lame ducks headed a grand political jester. 

To set the records straight, fair and clear, it is a hurt on the memory of late Sen Buruji Kashamu, in whose name Mrs Ibilola Solaja aka Madam Jumlar has chosen to ply her usual petty trade. 

Amebo Correspondent: How so?

Hon 'Biyi Adeleye: It is on record that Sen Kashamu had parted ways with Madam Jumlar and her co travelers long before his demise. Their political separation was borne out of her perpetual greed and insolence. She actually wanted a third term House of Assembly ticket for her son (Hon Bowale Solaja), to which Sen Kashamu disagreed in principle and fairness to his followers. Right then she instructed her son to leave for APC, thus joining (then Governor) Amosun, this was even before the birth of APM. Since then she had been an avid opposer of Sen Kashamu up till his demise. The real followers of Late Sen Kashamu are now with us in APC, spirit, body and soul. If you observe, very recently, Late Sen Kashamu's ally and Ogun Central Senatorial Candidate in the 2019 election led the authentic structure to His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR, they are firmly with us now, same as the Ogun East Senatorial candidate in the last election. Others are left overs who are not even Kashamu's people.

Amebo Correspondent: You mean they have been together all along, and it is not a new alignment or development? 

Hon 'Biyi Adeleye: The purported realignment is best described as media stunt by Sen Amosun and his cohorts. Wonder why coming to celebrate an existing alignment. At the 2019 polls, Madam Jumlar actively worked and mobilized for APM and its candidates in her local government and her son Bowale was the campaign coordinator of Hon Akinlade in Ijebu North LG. She has since then remained a key actor in their(APM-SIA) group. Thus, it is neither a plus nor minus to anybody. At Hon Bowale's wedding immediately after the election, late Sen Kashamu was conspicuously absent while Sen Amosun chaired the occasion. 

Amebo Correspondent : Can you please shed more light sir?

Hon 'Biyi Adeleye: Sen Amosun, who himself is a farceur and grand jester has lately preoccupied himself with recruitment of political leftovers around, other than facing more pressing concerns of representation and legislation in the red chamber which he has a couple of years left. He really should stop being a birdbrain. He should try to come to terms with reality. Sen. Amosun deserves our pity because the defeat of the last governorship election is still taking a toll on him.

I read somewhere where a certain "SIA/PMB structure" was stated. Very hilarious. Perpetual mischief makers keep making up chant lines to railroad political leftovers and hangers to believing they have good standing. Is he still the governor of the state or is President Buhari contesting for the 3rd term. Amosun should fight his fight alone and stop grandstanding with the good names of .r President to deceive unsuspecting followers. These bunch of ditz and softheads are yet to pick lessons from 2019. We wish them smooth recovery from oblivion.

Amebo Correspondent : Going forward sir, do you have any concerns about opposition within the state and regarding the coming 2023 polls?

Hon 'Biyi Adeleye: Ogun State is currently having a good time, politically and socioeconomically. Politically, the APC remains the party to beat. The Vice President of Nigeria is here and all of the former Governors in the state are here with us in the progressive fold, same as all former Senators, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and a number former House of Representatives members, add that to the long list of serving and former state House of Assembly members, Local Government council Chairmen as well as several grassroot political players. An endless list of relevant and important people, all of good standing, here with us in the progressive fold with governor Dapo Abiodunas the officialleader of the party. You then ask yourself; in Ogun State today, what, or permit me, who and who are in opposition? Is there anything like that in existence, really? The answer is NO!

On that, I can assure you we are very much confident as a party. Added to the fact that His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR has so far displayed high level of performance, and this goes round all sectors. Recently there was issues and concerns of security, which you will agree with me has been handled properly. Yesterday Amotekun was launched, and operations start immediately. We are still much preoccupied with governance, coming polls will be taken care of as time goes, no rush, really.

Amebo Correspondent : What are your concluding words sir?

Hon 'Biyi Adeleye: APC remains open to all and sundry. Membership registration has been extended for a few more weeks and we are preoccupied with building the party, making it more formidable and glorious. As said earlier, the business of governance is steadily and actively being pursued. The lame ducks can continue with their drab and theatrics, we are least concerned let alone distracted.

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