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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Traditional rite : woman seeks protection from security agencies.

Worried by the constant threat to the life of her son by suspected cultists a woman in her early sixties has cried out for assistance from security agents. 

The woman, Mrs Olayinka Olagbegi said the cultists believed to be from Owo in Ondo State have been on the trail of her son, Prince Olawale Olagbegi a graduate of Yaba College of Technology , Yaba Lagos and his family, for his alleged refusal  to follow the oath sworn to by his grand father before  he (my son) could be made a priest in the town.

Mrs Olagbegi who raised the alarm at a family meeting in Owo explained than more that five times, members of the Ogboni cult had sent threat calls and messages to her son who, for the fear of the unknown, moved his entire family out of their residence in Lagos.

“My son started experiencing what he did not plan for, since 2015 when the Chief Priests. of his home town approached him in Abuja after his  wife gave birth, reminding him of an oath allegedly sworn to, by his grandfather (now deceased)  that every first of his (grandfather) generation be offered as sacrifice before his children could be initiated into Ogbni cult” she said.

Mrs Olagbegi explained that  her own daughter too, was a victim of the oath sworn to by her husband’s father, as her daughter  died after bleeding to death as a result of the circumcision that was done for her which was part of the sacrifice her late husband offered before he could be made a Chief Priest in Owo kingdom.

“The Chief priests had, in 2017 approached the sister to Olawale’s father, who is now late, Mrs Magraret Olagbegi, in their desperate search for my son, dead or alive. It was the woman that advised Wale to leave Abuja, together with his family but the woman was later killed when she was coming from where she had gone to attend the invitation of the Owo Chief Priest”.

Mrs. Olagbegi said that in January in 2018 the Owo Chiefs led by one Ajana, visited her son in Lagos to inform him that it was time for him to join the Owo Priesthood and also remind him of the ritual to the position “The following month, my son’s house was again broken who by some people suspected criminal while it took the timely intervention of security agent in their neighborhood and the police before the dastardly acts of the people could be curtailed” she noted.

She added that the suspected cultists had on particular day laid ambush for Olawale’s wife, kidnapped her and was taking her to and unknown destination before the car conveying them had a fault, this caused the kidnappers to abandon their plan and escape.
The case was reported at the Police Station in Ikeja but as I am talking to you, nothing has been on done about the “Barbaric “act. The rites and initiation are against my son’s belief, hence his stance not to get involved.

“After the relocation of Wale and his family from Lagos unidentified men came to my residence asking me to produce my son and his wife. In April  this year they also came, making the same request when they discovered that I was not cooperating with them, they pounced on me beating me to stupor” the woman noted.

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