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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Only God Knows When To Compensate The Rejected Stone - Rotimi Makinde

I do not need any seer  to tell me how this post will attract traffic and to what extent it will receive bashing from those who never see beyond their nose and especially from my very constituents who just dislike individuals that will be mentioned, for nothing but to hatred. But as an individual, I am not bothered, I can not jettison my interests in writing, apocryphal, motivational and philosophical  messages and facts as it comes from my maker, for the few haters.

Through feedbacks, I know a lot of people from all sphere of life, most especially from outside Ile- Ife, (which still remain my primary constituency) still value my opinion and look forward to my write ups or comment about pressing world, national, or local issues. This category of people that holds me in high esteem will not ignore the blessing and the dribbles of wisdom I intermittently dispense. 

I am quick to state the above, because I read with amusement of how a certain  Mr Demola Ogunfidodo, a brother and who has earned my respect overtime and I have come to trust most of his submission (if not all), with some other eminent personalities like respected Pastor Niyi Murele and a great critics Mr Wale Odutoye embarked on a fact finding mission, I guessed these respected sons  of Ife usually  base their findings on fact and they later came back to deliver to us what they have found out about Senator Iyiola Omisore. His interactions with him on his recent  visit to the United Kingdom Otunba Iyiola Omisore helped Ogunfidodo  submission based on facts. 

He came publicly to give us the gist and I guess lets not forget in a hurry how he was bashed left and right mostly by our own people,his crime was just what i am about to commit and i guess mine may even be worse for I have just come to terms on same subject and best time to state the objective is now and not when anyone will think am bootlicking or seeking for something. Like my father Alhaji Niniola Makinde always says “only God can make someone, somebody” or say the negatives only  when we have reason to seek no more because of a lucid interval as evidenced by the cream of his critics of recent. 

Ile-Ife, our dear community must come to understand the need to build love from home and to jettison the syndrome of pull him down or the politics of hate. We must begin to take stocks of our love treasuries and learn to solidify our energies to build empires around our best sons. 

Over the years, we are guilty of not weighing such implications for we failed to think as one united family that we are. The recent happening in the political arena of the nation and indeed Osun State has made it clear on the importance of what it meant to be bound together by duty, by respect, love and by belonging. I have learnt that no sensible development can occur in a community devoid of the above. I also do not need to re-emphasised the need for us as a people to respect the elders in our society. 

Respecting Elders or leaders is of extreme important. Respecting elders is important, the status comes with a lot of experience, they have more experience than younger people and we should be able to share their wisdom with others. The elderly need our support which of course they must reciprocate  and this we must begin to accord our people in such a way as we now begin to kill all those  negatives perspective we already have as a kingdom with our pride as the direct son of Oduduwa and that  our enviable reputation as the origin of Yorubaland and teaching respect makes young people to be more likely to help. Respect for the elderly is common in many cultures and no doubt we are that cultural ambassadors, we are known to be  exporting or selling culture, yet murdering the same exodus spirit with our pull him down syndrome..... It must stop.!!!

In most cases,we often strongly dislike something without knowing the facts, or by using false information  about someone and this is mostly the case in our dear community of Ile-Ife. I am not really sure if these haters of the foremost, the immediate  past and the present Ooni are not of Ife origins, didn’t they originate from one of the prestigious Akodi’s? But I am sure about my archived experiences as a politician, in all the elections that I had the privilege to have contested in, I had never lost to any candidate in the all 27 wards of the Oyo speaking people of our Ife federal constituency, but I lost in the 15 wards of Ife, the city I love most and for which I was born, I’ll never cease to say or believe it, “I WAS BORN BECAUSE OF ILE-IFE”. Just today, I read a beautiful piece about Otunba Iyiola Omisore which I came across while navigating on the positive trending news about my own  person Hon Bimbo Ajilesoro and his mission to banish ignorance in our society.

A peep into this well connected brother of us brought me face to face to why we should begin charity at home and to stop this myopic idea of hating each other and using derogatory words to tarnish each others on social media platforms. 

Ife first, IFE Agenda, Ife Legacy can not triumph unless we begin to repackage and support our great assets. These assets of ours that we have and this includes our very own  "Ajani Ogun" Otunba Iyiola Omisore, Sen Babajide Omoworare and by extension Hon Taofeek Ajilesoro and maybe, just maybe my humble self, and a host of upcoming leaders. 

To most people, Senator Iyiola Omisore, a former deputy governor of Osun State, is regarded only as just a politician. It will, however, be preposterous to assume that he has no other life outside of politics, what many do not know about this Ife, Osun State- born Prince is that, before he ventured into politics, he had been a successful  businessman, whose story will inspire anyone planning to go into business. 

Having worked with prestigious companies like Drake and Gordham in the UK, where he rose to top management position. He has also single handedly established engineering firms; Mechelec Consultants- an Engineering Consultancy outfit and Chrisore Eng Ltd – an Electrical Engineering firm. In other words, his wealth of experience as a businessman and owner of a corporate body, where he has had to manage both human and material resources, and it is no secret his leadership quality as a politician of repute. 

Right from his early life, he had demonstrated very rare qualities, which not only set him apart from his peers but prepared him for community leaderschip and services.

When an outsider, a non Ife can submit all these on our dear Senator Omisore, why can't we borrow ourselves the much  needed common sense and begin to celebrate our own..

"Not many are aware that the well- loved man holds a Ph.D in Infrastructure Finance from the International School of Management, Paris, France.

My appraishal of senator Omisore is not based on our path to the same political court yard which I have always say its beyond human comprehension, neither am I advocating for him, but life is an ephemeral and it was first used by our fore father and Ife elders; Aye pe meji, it was then; that life is two, now it is Ayepegba.

As part of my research to remove the  stumble of pulling him down syndrome in Ile-Ife, politically & traditionally, I discovered, countless of hypothesis, but, I will draw our attention to a particular area. Is any of us ever take cognizance or realize that the appellation embbed upon us ; Ile-Ife ibi ojumo ti Mo wa, ( as Ile-Ife where the dawn began) is never a modulation  modulated by the recent generations, but, originated by those who served our great grand father, because of the way our fathers position themselves over them, but today, we had shown to them that the red insignia on our cock is a consumeable meat. The way our grand fathers hire great grand father of many tribes as laborers, this will never be out  of the mind of certain tribes, they are aware of the pride history we inherited and that our own assign portion of land to their own father. 

To start a generational change, it has to begin by extending love to ourselves first and then to this settlers. My assertion here is that, there exist many enemies within our corridor, yet we never learn from many unimaginable things that has happened to Ile-Ife, do you all  remember how we lost the state capital to Oshogbo? Let's come back and unite as one, if the children of the same parents, never cross the same path to success, which means, we can never get all good things to Ile - Ife through the same political party. Who among us is well qualified than the man I am here telling us to speak no further evil of? You either accept it or not, Senator Iyiola Christopher Omisore is a misjudged personality.

Let's us  begin to see ourselves as one, no matter the political affiliation.

Senator Omisore movement to another political party is never a yard stick to measure his love to Ile -Ife but rather his enviable profiles, pedigrees  more as a core ife and not those minuses which we all have as a creature 

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