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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

'Ogun Labour Party Is Not For Sale' - Arabambi Blasts League Of Registered Political Parties


Abeokuta - The labour party in Ogun State lead by Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has reacted to a press release from League of Registered Political Parties, Ogun State Chapter asking the labour party to withdraw its suit against the All Progressive Congress APC. 

According to Arabambi, "Our party attention was drawn to a sponsored press conference by certain group of person calling on our Great party to abandoned our God given mandate in favor of their paymasters."

He said, the political traders are bought , yes purchased and tamed by corrupt tendencies and enslaved by the APC / PDP - APC in Ogun State, which is yet another form of negative politics being flown through the same people these political giants and poisons had earlier supported into pretending to be independent political parties as alternatives before the election . 

Also, he said these cheap purchased political turncoats represents less than Ten  percent ( 10%)of the strength of political parties in Ogun State .

"This comes now when it has dawned on their patrons , their Puppeteers that the end of the road is here . These supposedly League representatives are a pathetic pack of political cancers , very much prone to being purchased at most times along with the dullards answering to some fluke Gubernatorial Candidacies ."

"Pathetically they still live in the past and forgotten era of seeing " an eye for eye " as a condition that gets the world blind rather than being jump - started into the more informed and educated era that sees  " an - eye - for - an - eye philosophy as the guarantee that makes the world to cherish , appreciate and know for sure the need for having a set of eyes Arabambi Added."

He said, according to the address of the unfortunate , silly , insincere and deceptive press conference , it is so clear that those involved are truly morally - dead even besides the corroborating evidences that glaringly show all they said are highly banal and absolute balderdash 

Hear the catch " we call on Adekunle Akinlade and the two factions of Labour Party to withdraw their petitions in the interest of peace " can any talk be more banal ? .No sincere and intelligent man will expect peace in the absence of Justice and Truth. Again , the public must be made to know that the now estranged and expelled Ilaro YEWA domiciled Olaposi Oginni was the mole in LP Ogun State doing the will of these extremely desperate and recklessly greedy group in today gathered as the APC Ogun State. 

The former State Secretary of LP has been conclusively removed from LP . So today , there is only one petition being prosecuted and it is ongoing and has no twin . This will clearly tell the public that Olaposi Oginni was working for these political merchants who sponsored Olaposi Oginni's ugliness while he was an unwanted part of the leadership of LP . Thanks to God , all of that is now behind us.

The leprous and treacherous fingers of Yewa dump and domiciled has been firmly disengaged .

What the political Liquidator mercenaries couldn't achieve is here being re - activated by his  other traitors in this fluke and illegal press conference .

Meanwhile , there is need to assured the public that by the acts of violence and official intimidations as depicted in Ogun State by the APC and the PDP/ APC and funded by the State Government , its investigation has been yielding very solid evidences of implications to some highly visible political poisons in Ogun State and beyond .

Yes , the undisputed tribunal court process  is surely getting more taming effects on the natural violent topmost individuals in their evil coalition .

The most stupid and daft submissions by the crowd of puppets in the press conference is the annoying and nauseating piece of calculated devilish advice that the two Petitioners should emulate GNI formerly of PDP , PPN ,LP ,PDP ,APC,  ADC and today APC in the span of one decade , someone  who chose to betray the collective interest of his zone being and as pursued in the last 46 years on the alter of some indefinable and unachievable personal GREED .

He said, The incompetence of the supposed spokesman for the fluke illegal League foolishly urged Adekunle Akinlade, APM and LP to spare Dapo Abiodun who sowed electoral wind the natural due of reaping the attendant whirlwind. How stupid , dense daft and dumb can some people get for the sake of easy money ? .

How on earth can a sane person be asking a mandate thief to be magnanimous in some illusionary victory . Money can make several Ass - men of most men .

Finally , we in Ogun State Labour Party want to strongly assure the public that this arrangement hatched purely to insult the intelligence of the public is hereat off - handedly REJECTED .

He therefore re-register his stronger resolve and determination to prosecute this one case to its possible legal and Judicial conclusion .

While thanking many who had put trust in us from day one , those who joined the trust - train along the line and those who are convinced to give us support as a result of the emerging order and peace in our otherwise great party.  


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