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Monday, June 18, 2018


Though, it is in the believe of many people that the foremost political party, Alliance for Democracy, AD in Nigeria is still in existence not until when the party spokesman in Ogun state, Comrade Olayemi Omokehinde Olowu speaks with Political Gladiators reporter in Abeokuta last Sunday, where he raised so many issues about the present administration in the state and Nigeria politics in general.

AD, Osoba

Comrade Olowu said though, they may not be regular in the media, but yet they are existing and working day and night with the grassroots to take over government in the coming 2019 general election, especially in Ogun state where the party begins.

The Ijebu East born Olowu also said the party at present is not in need of the former Governor of Ogun state, Chief Olusegun Osoba, who is also a godfather to the party before defecting from the party to another.

Speaking further, he said "Our party, Alliance for Democracy is still in great position, particularly in Ogun state. We are not dead. Many members from other popular party have been coming to join us because they knew the importance of the party, AD.

"The party, I can authoritatively tell you that Alliance for Democracy is the mother of all political parties in Nigeria, and since the establishment of the party in 1998 till now, the good record is still there, go and check the record between 1999 and 2003 when Baba Osoba was governor in the state.

"The name is still there, and the agenda too is still intact, we never derailed from it, even the agendas of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, we are working on it day and night for them to come to reality. There are crises after the administration of Chief Segun Osoba in 2003 which drew us backward, but I am assuring you that come 2019, by the grace of God, we shall take over.

"AD is still vibrant and have come back to rule again. We can't continue to fall in the hands of prey like the present governor who is only the governor of Abeokuta and not Ogun state.

About political godfather and Chief Olusegun Osoba coming back to the party.

"We don't have and we don't need any godfather in our party. The only godfather we have is God Almighty. There is no godfatherism business that can succeed, because when you have a godfather, what they will demand from you will be more than what they give you. We depend on God. No body has given us any dime since 2014 that we've come back to existence again.

"On Baba Osoba, though he is a leader, but he has used his time in the party in 2003. So, coming back to AD, he will have the need to start from the beginning as a member of the party. We don't and we are not looking at him. We may need him as a leader, but I must tell you that he is not our priority, if he comes, fine and if he doesn't, let him remain.

"If he comes today, we will welcome him, but he can never dominate. Taking over our party is not possible. He too can never think of it, never. He has succeeded with the party, and we may need some ideas from him, but taking over can't work out."

Plans towards 2019 general election

"By the grace of God, we have people who are interested in AD and it is obvious that we are not competing with anybody. I don't want to start mentioning big names of those who have been coming to liaise with us for political posts, even those who have been promising us.

"There is no two-way about a coin. We have a good plans for our people, most especially in Ogun state. I will just urge everybody to go and get their voter's card and vote for their conscience. It is not yet time to start campaign, we are waiting for the government to lift the barn.

"We are fully ready to face it all and take over power from the incumbent governor Ibikunle Amosun led government and we not in support of what they are clamouring that it is time for Yewa. Anybody have the right to vie for a post, whether Yewa, Egba of Ijebu, our concerns is to have a credible and trustworthy candidate. I mist assure you that when the time comes, we shall showcase a credible candidate."

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