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Thursday, May 12, 2022


May 12, 2022.
By Ogunbiyi Seun Jacob

Why some gullible and uninformed persons are trapped in their purported hatred and unfulfilling trance imagining that a front-line presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will not emerge as the candidate of the party, and the President of Nigeria in coming general election in 2023, we believers of his political ideology will continue to enlighten the narrow-minded and short-sighted persons of the good and sterling leadership qualities deposited in the persona of Tinubu.
It is no longer news that the former two-term Governor of Lagos State between 1999 to 2007 and a former Senator that represented Lagos West Senatorial District in Third Republic between 1992 to 1993 has made public his lifelong dream to attain the number one seat in Nigeria as President.
Since Tinubu who is the most preferred and most likely favoured presidential candidate under APC amid other aspirants declared his interest for the highest position in Nigeria, hell has let loose from different quarters. They've planted campaign of calumny against his candidacy, but Tinubu is not shakened by all of these. 
Amongst the haters are the oppositions from other parties who believe if Tinubu attain the position of the President of Nigeria, it will be difficult for their party to get the position back as it’s happening in Lagos today due to the continuity agenda that Asiwaju enacted and the solidified foundation initiated since he left the position of governor fourteen years ago. 
Another set of haters are the ignorant ones who just listen to bad opinion leaders and unfounded hearsays who confused them with their ridiculous opinion they generated to destroy Tinubu who God has blessed and favoured like Joseph in the bible amidst enemies. They rumored many blatant lies against him without substantial facts to prove or back their claims.
For instance, Tinubu's relevance in the scheme of political matters cannot be over emphasised, even many of Tinubu's peers who governed during their various tenure are no where to be found today. Tinubu has been out of office for almost fourteen years ago and he is still vibrant, and relevant in political matters across the divide in Nigeria.
Apart from having critical stakes in matters and issues raised or happenings in the All Progressives Congress (APC) today, Some states and their governors accept and see him as their political mentor and father whom they look up to for political guidance. 
Tinubu has proven himself beyond reasonable doubt that he is the most worthy to lead this country in 2023, and Nigerians must choose wisely this time around. A devout Muslim, but married to a Spirit-filled Christian woman. He has always supported his wife, followed her to Church even when she was ordained as Pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church of God some years ago at Redemption camp. 

So this brings me to the question of don’t you think Nigeria need a good heart that can tolerate people with their differences, a leader who is not a religious bigot, a soul who can bound all ethnicity and tribes together in unity?
Lastly, Tinubu does not hold grudges against anyone, he forgives his backstabbing followers easily, not for once has he demoralised his enemies openly or in hidden. Nigeria needs a politically experienced person like him in 2023 regardless of any deficiency.

Many of his detractors have even maligned him for his health status, but what they do not know is that Tinubu's current and future situation is in God’s hand. The healthy person we see today, or perhaps tomorrow with sound health, might deteriorate in the twinkle of an eye because we have no power on ourselves. Nevertheless, the Jagaban I know, is sound intellectually and healthy to rule Nigeria in 2023.
I belong to Tinubu's Political ideology. Winning the APC Presidential primary ticket is already sealed.

Oluko is a journalist, he writes from Lagos.

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