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Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Behold the loudmouth of Jerusalem, a vlogger wanna be, ventilating all sort of nonsense and fuming with unfounded stories and FABRICATED LIES, in the act of pull him and the ministry down, something that a thousand of you will and can never do as long as the lord liveth.  

As far as you have decided to be a mouthpiece for the devil and Maureen, I will do my investigations and reveal who you truly are and the evil you plan to perpetrate. 

I was busy doing my work as an investigative journalist on a subject matter when you joined yourself to an evil line, and as such the fire that was burning touched you and you cried foul. 

FUNKE ASHEKUN you are a drama queen, an ingrate that needs deeper deliverance, no wonder the church of God could not contain you. Every denomination you have attended, you speak ill about them, from DEEPER LIFE to MFM, non could change the snake that you are, the ungrateful person that you have revealed yourself to be today. 

For your information, I run the one of the biggest online Christian network magazines and my Job is to do publications for a living.

That is, if you understand how it is to do honest work to make a living, since you are used to embezzling church money and running away with properties. 

I have never met the GO you are talking about on any subject matter, neither have I had any dealings with him, and same applies to many other churches I do publications about.

I only seek for facts through sources that are reliable and then we bring out the truth. So, for you to call me a media guy to a particular person or pastor shows how ignorant you are. 

We have one mission and that is to rid the house of God and the ministry of rats like you and Maureen.

You termed your show TALKING MARRIAGE WITH FUNKE till this moment, i can’t bring to terms, what the relationship of a G.Os church conduct has to do with Marriage that you were supposed to speak about? Anyways, it shows how empty you are and I wonder what you have to say about Marriage and  what anyone will be able to learn from a wanna be like you. 

Hear this FUNKE, since you have decided to be a spoke person for Maureen and talk nonsense about me, I have decided to open a file for you with a lot more of your intricating characters that will be exposed 

The songs you have been singing on your show are not new to our ears but for the sake of young hearted Christians and unstable believers we tend to clear the air always, what you are doing now is just the easy way to fame, and this is what Maureen and her cohorts including your likes did to put them in the trouble that they are today.

We found out that you have been served letters by lawyers to desist from this act of defamation and character assassination but yet you have continued and now you will become our subject matter since you want to be famous and stupid. 

Without further ado, I would like to ask certain questions about the things you have been talking about, you have mentioned that the GO is occultic, he is promiscuous and so on. All those without proofs or evidence? You claimed to have video recordings of activities going on in his toilet,  we are yet to see any. Is it the counselling room that we learnt is filled with people and nonstop activities? I wonder were you got your stories from and how you got your evidence. 

IN YOUR SHOW you stated someone said the GO has a picture of you in his room or the GO keeps pictures of people in his room , please how did the people get to the GOs room?

What led them to the GOs room ?

If I may ask what exactly are you to the ministry that will make a GO put your picture in his room, and what value have you or did you add to the ministry when you were here and before you left? 

You were not a pastor neither were you the head of any department according to our investigation you were simply a liability, someone raised by the ministry, so why all these lies?

We have firsthand information that this GO and the ministry catered for you when you were single since 1995 when you came to the ministry till you got married inside the ministry?

You left and came back and left again and as matter of fact you and your family were living in the housing units of the ministry before you absconded to the US with a tourist visa you and your family also got through the church.

FUNKE I will ask these questions again because I probably have asked them before, and I would like you to answer them for the sake of the kingdom and then tell us how the GO has wronged you?

1 Can you provide one single name of a woman that was and has been sexually assaulted during prayers as you alleged in your shows?

2 what virtue or value did you bring to the ministry when you came?

3 when you joined the ministry in 1995 as a liability, who rented a flat for you and your mum at Fola Agoro?

4 What assets did you have when you joined the ministry?

5 Are the records of the moneys you embezzled not with the account department of the church?

5 will you ever have gotten anywhere without the support of the ministry including your overseas trips to the UK and the US?

6 Didn’t you flee with the two cars and furniture in the accommodation you were given by the Church?

7 was it not the ministry that gave you and your husband your first steady employment 

8 Could you specifically tell us the glory you brought to the ministry that was stolen?

9 what exactly is your mission with this show of shame that you are putting up

10 Did you not lambast your former church deeper life as a church of witches just like you have started doing with this ministry.

11 Who sponsored your wedding?

12 Who provided shelter and basic provisions for you and your children’s education 

13 Can you tell us any group you led while you were in MFM 

14 We learnt that your husband took money from the GO for deposit in fidelity and you people never returned the money.

15 Did you return the cars and church properties you were given before you left for your trip?

FUNKE ASHEKUN according to our findings we know that you want to be a GENERAL OVERSEER kindly thread that path and tell us how easy it is, that is, if you are sure of hearing from God. And now that you have fulfilled your childhood dream of wanting to live in AMERICA try and make the best out of life but with the way you are going, only God can help you 

We have so many questions to ask since we have opened an investigation on you, but we won’t waste further time on the frivolities of an unstable being who has lost touch with reality, WE ARE AFTER THE TRUTH BECAUSE ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET US FREE.

And we will unveil the truth about you to the world 


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