Dr Samuel Akintunde rejoices, appreciates Hon. Abiola Makinde as FG upgraded Adeyemi College of Education Ondo to University - NATIONAL CATALYST


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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Dr Samuel Akintunde rejoices, appreciates Hon. Abiola Makinde as FG upgraded Adeyemi College of Education Ondo to University

By Seun Jacob Ogunbiyi

It was a total rejoicing atmosphere in the quarters of the provost, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo as numerous members of the Ondo township, College community and other well wishers bombarded Dr Samuel Akintunde with funfair to rejoice with him on the news of upgrading the College to University of Education.

In the evening hour, on Tuesday 4th January, 2022. People were seeing in a joyous mood and approaching the provost residential with banners, carrying the name of Honourable member, House of Assembly Abuja, representing Ondo East/Ondo West federal constituency who passed the upgrading bill of the College and stood by it until the bill was signed by President Muhammad Buhari.

When the Provost of the College, Dr Samuel Akintunde was addressing the well wishers during their visit to his quarter, he congratulates everyone. His statement reads as follows.

"Congratulations to all of us.

I bless Almighty God for this great achievement in the College. So many people are on this cause but one of them standout, and that is Honourable Abiola Peter Makinde.

Please, note that I'm not a politician, I'm only happy to what has happened to my College that has become University. Leaving politics aside, you have to be grateful to whoever you have to be grateful to, and what we are saying is that, Hon. Abiola Makinde stood by us in this Institution firmly and strongly. He does not rest until we achieve this feat so, we will continue to be eternally grateful to him.

He is a true son of the soil and I tell you that, we loves him, Ondo community loves him, the Youths loves him. 

And when I say the Youths again, you understand what I'm talking about. I know what the Youths in Adeyemi College here, that has now become University have benefited from this great man.

On behalf of this Institution, I'm grateful to him for all he has been doing and it is my prayer to God Almighty that, the God will take him far and will continue to see him happy, we continue to be glad as we see him. 

And i pray Almighty God to give him good health and sound mind even to do more to this community than ever before, so shall it be.

I thank you all and all the beautiful leaders in this community.

Marcus Olubodun is not just a son of this soil but one of the great union leaders that have rule this community. See him around, I'm grateful, he is such a person that I always been identifying with, i love his ideas and achievement so, i will like to thank you for identify with this. You were called, let me say in an unholy hour, yes but you know for things like this, there's nothing you call unholy when you're happy with the events unfolding around you, you can be call at any moment in a day. And Richard Okunrotifa, also a former student union leader, thank you all.

This has been our vision since 1982, yes since 1982. I got here as a student and we share that vision, we never knew that it would take us this long before it could be achieve. Thank God Hon. Abiola Makinde was born. So, we continue to celebrate, we continue to be happy.

I pray God Almighty will continue to be with us. Ones again, thank you all.

God bless you all. So, you can continue your celebration".

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