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Friday, November 26, 2021

FUNAAB ban use of Niqob (Veil) for all Muslim women in the school

The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) has banned the use of Niqob (veil) for all Muslim women in the school, making the institution the first Federal owned institution to ban what was considered among the rights of Muslims in the country. 

According to information gathered, this ban affects Students, Alumni, Parents, Staff, Visitors and everyone who wishes to visit the University premises.

This was revealed by the institution’s Imam, Prof. Idris Ayinde following reports of a Muslim Alumnus who was harassed at the school’s gate because she wore a Niqob. The use of Niqob in public institutions was a major subject of discussion in recent weeks following the viral story of Professor Lawal Ajibade of LAUTECH who faced heavy criticisms from the Muslim Community for molesting and harassing Muslim women who wore Niqob.

Prof. Idris Ayinde, a lecturer of the institution’s Department of Agricultural Economics and doubles as the Imam of the school, explained that the use of Niqob in the institution is banned, citing that it is not a fundamental part of Islam.

According to him, “the use of Niqob is not as fundamental as solat, it not compulsory, you cannot enter hell fire because you are not using Niqob”.

In a lengthy conversation between our correspondent and Prof. Idris Ayinde, he stated that the gate keepers who instructed a Muslim Alumnus who visited the school for personal reasons to take off her Niqob before entering the school’s premises are justified to do so, as Niqob is banned in the school and is not a fundamental part of Islam for Muslim women.

The Muslim Lady, by name Maryam Afeez, posted on social media how she was harassed and forced by the institution’s gatemen to take off her Niqob before entering the school, citing an order from above.
She narrated that despite that she is not a student of the school, she was forced to remove the veil as every efforts to convince the gatemen of the school of her Alumnus status failed.

“The Ameer of the MSSN FUNAAB was contacted and he did try his best trying to mediate with the security officers, but they were all acting on an order and all they were saying was” it is a directive from above that we shouldn’t allow any niqoby (veiled sister) in,” she stated.

Speaking with our correspondent on Friday, Prof. Idris Ayinde stated that the history that led to the ban was borne out of the growing rate at which Muslim women were opting to use Niqob in Abeokuta after the University initially agreed to allow the use of Niqob.

He said: “When the usage of Niqob became rampant and it begins to generate a lot of reactions and a particular college reported that the they were victimizing Muslim students who uses Niqob, the whole reactions got to the floor of the School Senate, which is the highest governing body of the institution, it birthed a debate on the usage of Niqob.”

Our correspondent contacted the Dean of Student Affairs of the FUNAAB, he confirmed the ban citing that all that the Imam said is correct and accurate.

A student of the school who pleaded anonymity, said the ban is strange and violates the Human Rights of Muslims in the School. Although the institution’s Dean of Student Affairs did not provide a signed document to support the ban of Niqob, the student finds it strange that the school authorities can ban a fundamental rights of Muslims in a Federal Government owned institution.

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