Ogun Has Been So Lucky With Egalitarian Leaders Over The Years - Showunmi - NATIONAL CATALYST


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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ogun Has Been So Lucky With Egalitarian Leaders Over The Years - Showunmi


Ogun State has been lucky; we have had relatively good leaders over the years. When we compare ourselves with states created on the same day 3rd of February 1976, we have enjoyed steady progress. 
Our first set of leaders bathed an egalitarian, well-planned society with almost every possible developmental trajectory duly considered—you need just to pay attention to our markets, our mechanic villages, our stadiums, our housing estates, our specialised industrial areas to mention but a few. You will see a careful and meticulous plan at the conceptual level. 

Succeeding administrations have contributed some effort at maintaining the overarching vision of our founding fathers. 
We can proudly say we have more higher-institutions of learning than any other state in Nigeria. We have a relatively evenly spread health infrastructure across the nooks and crannies of our state. In a demonstration of our stable and accommodating nature, we are home to the headquarters of almost all faith-based groups, both Islamic and Christianity. We have on record; special economic zones in each of our senatorial districts reflecting our even development philosophy. 

As we turn 45 years, we are due for a review of our entire gamut around development, sustainable growth, inclusiveness and preparation of our state to take advantage of the fast-paced 4th industrial revolution which suggests that artificial intelligence, robotics, and information technology will be the driving force going forward. I dare say Ogun ought to be in the forefront. We must now pay attention to our towns at the fringes of Lagos.
We must re-image Ogun state for tourism to mention a few of some of the things we can do going forward. 

The labour of our forebears who are certified champions in the thought process that drives development must inspire us to do everything humanly possible to have a reset agenda where Ogun state no longer needs to be limited by national average but strives to be true to our appellation of the Gateway State. 

I wish the government and people of Ogun a glorious future.

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