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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Customer Service Week 2020: Adron Homes Expresses Commitment To Quality Service Delivery

.......Promises quality service delivery in 2020 and beyond.

Adron Homes celebrates her frontline/support team to mark the ocassion of the 2020 annual international customer service week. The theme for this year event is "Dream Team". 

To mark the occasion of 2020 International Customer Service Week throughout the branches in Nigeria with appreciation packages at the Adron Experience Centre - Head office at Omole Estate Phase 1.

Celebration of the frontline staff(Heroes), is to motivate, encourage, support and boost their morales in delivering exceptional services to all Adron Homes Clients.

Customer Service Week (CS Week) is an international event celebrated annually during the first full week in October when customer-oriented organizations like Adron Homes and institutions around the world recognize the importance of customer service excellence to their organizations.

While speaking with our correspondent at Amebo Newspaper NG spoke with the head of Customer Service Department at Adron Homes, Mrs Musah Aminat on phony interview, she stated that 'Adron Homes is a local & international brand that appreciates what her support team is doing thereby joining the rest of the world in celebrating the service team. 

The occasion calls for another unique opportunity of Service  professionals from Adron Homes to join the rest of the globe in appreciating their support team. 

Customer Service Week is a celebration of the important role that customer service plays in every organization, an opportunity for us to demonstrate to our customers our dedication and total commitment to good customer service and to thank our team for the role they have been playing to improve service delivery as well as reflect on what needs to be improved. 

Also, she said the five core goals of the Week are to celebrate front-line staff who are the flag bearers of the company and reward them, to thank customers for their loyalty because they are the reason we are in business and to remind their team of the need to be a customer-centric organization, tell their customer service success stories and renew their dedication to service excellence.

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