Edo Victory: INEC on the path of glory again? - Segun Showunmi - NATIONAL CATALYST


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Monday, September 21, 2020

Edo Victory: INEC on the path of glory again? - Segun Showunmi


When the will of the people is allowed to count, participatory democracy gets better for it. As humans, we have not evolved a better form of governance. 

Congratulations to Governor Godwin Obaseki of the Peoples Democratic Party. Edo people have demonstrated once again what is historically known as a people with a proud heritage of independence, strength of character and courage of conviction. Indeed this is a call to all to serve the people and make their sacrifices well worth it. 

There is no pretending as to the quality of leadership demonstrated by our campaign committee ably led by HE Nyesome Wike and all members of both the national campaign council and the Dan Orbih-led Edo State campaign council. We must particularly thank the security agencies for staying above the board in providing a secure environment for the entire process. 

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) deserves commendation. Credible elections must be the norm and not the exception. On this, we say well done, for it has worked in practice what was rigorously planned by the commission. 

To those who were not so lucky today, please do not see it as rejection by the people. Many dynamics go into why the populace take their decision, and on this occasion, they have chosen to stand with Obaseki of the PDP. It was a spirited contest, and now is the time to put the interest of the Edo people ahead of personal hurt. 

The sun will shine again someday in the future. Our members must be sensitive to the frail nerves, for that is what makes us better democrats and better humans. 

Be joyful and thankful to God and the people but recognise that there is only one Edo people under heaven. Oba ghato kpere Ise. PDP....Power to the People.

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