Only IPAC Can Represent All Political Parties In Nigeria - Asiwaju Adedamola Abdulateef - NATIONAL CATALYST


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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Only IPAC Can Represent All Political Parties In Nigeria - Asiwaju Adedamola Abdulateef

The Inter Party Advisory Council IPAC has called one association with the name "League of Registered Political Party" a group run by fraudsters which has no roots. 

According to the press statement signed by Asiwaju Adedamola Abdulateef, State Chairman  "What and who answer to the to the illegal body criminally parading itself as League of registered political parties in Ogun State?"

Nigeria is a Nation yet governed by the rule of law.

In Nigeria as at this very moment , every political party are registered by INEC to acquire legitimacy. Any political party not so registered by INEC is illegal and unconstitutional.

The Ogun State Inter Party Advisory council ( IPAC ) as has been the tradition in Ogun State holds its State Election in the State INEC offices in the State Capital , Abeokuta.

Again , in the same breadth , IPAC is the only body recognised by the INEC Nationally to represent the collective interests of all the registered political parties in Nigeria . IPAC has in each State of Nigeria, one Chapter each , that is equally recognised by the State INEC .

Suddenly a paternal prohibited Osun born imbecile idiot, who was barnished some 30years ago from osun state ,a  very misguided political misfit, rogue ,scavengers ,political elements , widely known in Ogun State political space as political traders and mercenaries began to criminally  operate an illegal  body defiantly  against the law  which they claim is named "LEAGUE OF REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTIES" , a gang - up of some political dregs unknown to the INEC .

 As the singular legal and constitutional body representing the collective interests of all the registered political parties in Ogun State , the Ogun State Chapter of IPAC strongly condemn the illegal activities of the rogue league of registered political parties in Ogun State. Interestingly , it is only in Ogun State that this rascally purported league of registered political parties is pretending to exist in Nigeria.

 It is our duty to bring this illegality to the notice of the Authorities and the public .

The preliminary investigation carried out on the rogue body unearth these facts : 

(1) That the man who claims to be the convener of the illegal body is none other than the same very notorious Osun State Barnished criminal immigrant and Nomadic political pilgrim , Olaposi Sunday Oginni , the current State Chairman of NATIONAL INTEREST PARTY in Ogun State according to the INEC official records. But so much unbelievably , the same Olaposi Oginni is the PRO and member of the Lado group of Ogun PDP.

(2) The preliminary investigation also confirmed that the State Chairmanship of NIP was even facilitated during last year December IPAC Election by the same Hon Ladi Adebutu , known as Lado to many in whose arm of PDP Olaposi Sunday Oginni currently belong , of course , there was no proof of resignation letter to either the INEC or the National Chairman of NIP One Ms Eunice Etudije , the party Oginni is supposed to be its State Chairman.

(3) It was discovered that the cream of the Press across the State have been dealing with this illegal body , dressing the body in borrowed garment of legality either intentionally or unintentionally thus misinforming the public.

(4) We charge the Ogun State chapel of NUJ to investigate the legality of this rogue body of political cash and carry merchants.

We , in IPAC Ogun State Chapter will not fold our arms and allow this political aberration to continue. It is our intention to carry this to the Police , the INEC , the National Chairman of NATIONAL INTEREST PARTY  and the National Chairman of IPAC.

In concluding this piece , it is meet to let the public know that it was this paid political trading arm of Hon Ladi Adebutu pretending to be collection of some registered political parties that recorded the voice of the suspended Ogun State Commissioner for Youths and sports Dr Oludare Sunday and went ahead to release same to the Press. In that tape , the Commissioner was heard saying so many bad things  about one of the Ogun State political Fathers and responsible leaders , Chief Olusegun Osoba , all in interest of creating discord in the APC to further the inordinate Governorship of their sponsor , Hon Ladi Adebutu in the 2023 elections.

 There is no way , a decent polity will allow these kind of dangerous and very corrosive politics to thrive.

Our advice to our NUJ body  is to discontinue patronising this rogue Led by the Osun State criminal rogue that was barnished from Ilesa osun state 30years ago before relocating to Ilaro 

Finally we advise our highly respected Royal Father Oba of Ilaro  and Paramount Ruler of Yewa land Kabiyesi Oba KEHINDE OLUGBENLE    to investigate OGINNI OLAPOSI SUNDAY family background with a view of ascertaining his reason for his barnishement.and clever refusal to ever   visit his home state Ilesa osun state since 30 years  , who knows may be this kind of perpetually curse Individual might the reason for the elusive and converted No 1 Trophy (GOVERNOR) to YEWA AWORI LAND in the last 30 years of the Struggle

Thanks for your patience.

Asiwaju Adedamola Abdulateef, State Chairman

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