Charge Bayo Dayo To court for Attempted murder, impersonation, threat to life, murder ,forgery, others, Kashamu Tells Ogun Police - NATIONAL CATALYST


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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Charge Bayo Dayo To court for Attempted murder, impersonation, threat to life, murder ,forgery, others, Kashamu Tells Ogun Police

The crisis rocking People's Democratic Party PDP in Ogun state has taken another dimension as Senator Prince Buruji Kashamu exposed how the embattled chairman of the party, Engr Bayo Dayo killed 4 people over kingship tussle, alleged him of threat to life.

According to the invitation sent to Engr Bayo Dayo by the Nigeria Police Force headquarter in the state, Eleweran shortly after the petition was written to the command over threat to life. 

Below is the copy of the letter addressed to Engr Bayo Dayo by the Nigeria Police Force. 

Meanwhile, there has been counter affidavit over the notice of motion striking out Engr Bayo Dayo out of the case he brought before the court over his tenure validity as the chairman of People's Democratic Party PDP in ogun state. 


As a former senator and a former member of the National Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I am a member of the Ogun State Executive Committee of the PDP, a staunch party leader and one of the major financiers of the party in Ogun State.

Engr. Adebayo joined our team in the PDP about 10 years ago. First, he served two years as Ogun East Senatorial Chairman and eight years as State Chairman. Without any fear of contradiction, I was a major financier of the party. Sometimes, I borrowed them money which they did pay back in part and at other times, they did not pay back. I was instrumental to his emergence as PDP Chairman for Ogun State, he benefitted tremendously from my wealth and financial support out of which he acquired several assets, bought vehicles and built houses. As it is the practice in our local politics, I and other notable leaders and elders, have been sustaining the party structure, with the support of the state, local government and ward executives.

However, about four weeks to the end of his second term as State Chairman, Dayo decided to betray us and purportedly sold 65% of the party structure to Hon. Ladi Adebutu (a.k.a Lado) for N100 million under the disguise of reconciliation. He kept the remaining 35% for himself. This is the same Adebutu that signed a three-year agreement with the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) in March, 2019. The agreement is still valid for two years and has not been renounced up till now. (The MOU is marked as ANNEXURE 3A while ENGR. ADEBAYO DAYO’S INTERVIEW ON LADO TV is saved in a CD and marked as ANNEXURE 3B).  Negotiating and handing over the structure of the party to people who have executed an agreement with another party and disparaging the leadership of the Party in the media without the buy in of all the stakeholders is clearly anti-party (i.e. against the interest of the Party).

One of those he confided in and tried to convince to join him in the venture is Samuel Olayinka Soneye that Ladi Adebutu offered him N100Million to sell the PDP structure in Ogun State. His confessional statement is marked as ANNEXURE 4 and his telephone number is 0810 584 6640.

Engr. Dayo also told Comrade Abayomi Arabambi (with telephone number 08021156697) that Ladi Adebutu offered him the sum of N100 million with an upfront payment of N20 million immediately he played ball. SEE ARABAMBI’S STATEMENT marked as ANNEXURE 5.

The same Dayo told Mr. Adeleke Shittu (with telephone number 0805 513 5036) at various times that he was offered N100 million to do the bidding of the Adebutus under the pretext of uniting some groups within the party (SEE ANNEXURE 6).

A serving member of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Sylvester ‘Niyi Abiodun also gave a vivid account of his encounters with Engr. Dayo thus, “On the 27th of February, 2020, Chief Dayo called me that he wanted to intimate me with the political trend in the state. Upon getting to his house in Ijebu-Igbo on that fateful day, he told me about the planned PDP congresses in the state. Chief Dayo voluntarily told me that Hon. Ladi Adebutu offered to pay him N150million; N100million for himself and 50million for his son, Adebola Dayo, who works with his perceived political opponent, Senator Buruji Kashamu, if he could join his group. The N50 million is meant to cushion the effect of any loss that Bola may suffer in the event that his father accedes to Adebutu’s request. As a beneficiary of the structure through which I am serving as a member of the Ogun State House of Assembly, I advised him against such an action and told him that it would be detrimental to the party’s hard-earned victory; and he also said that he wanted to write a letter to debrief the Lawyer to the State PARTY I advised against such and he agreed not to write the letter. I further pointed out that such an action would translate to mean that he had collected the N150 million he told me that Hon. Adebutu offered him. On hearing that Chief Dayo later wrote a letter, I sought to see him and we met at Ijebu-Ode. I told him that I was surprised by his action and reiterated the fact that such an action would translate to mean that he had collected the N150 million he told me that Hon. Adebutu offered him.” (SEE ANNEXURE 7). This is a clear indication of an act of betrayal.

Also, Mr. Samson Kayode Bamgbose (with telephone number 0705 477 8348) corroborated the above witness statements when he said Engr. Dayo told him that he had collected the N100 million and offered to give him some dollars which he said amounted to N10 million @ N400 per dollar.

Bamgbose further stated that he also showed him an undated letter that he said he had prepared to debrief the Ogun State PDP lawyer and asked him to sign it apparently as a precondition to giving him the N10 million that he offered (SEE ANNEXURE 8).

It was this financially-induced action of Engr. Dayo that made members of the State Working Committee (SWC) to serve him a notice of an extra-ordinary meeting dated the 23rd of March, 2020 – in line with relevant provisions of our party’s constitution. But, he refused to attend the meeting.

Upon Engr. Dayo’s refusal to attend the extra-ordinary meeting scheduled for the 26th of March, 2020, members of the State Working Committee suspended him for one month and referred his matter to the National Executive Committee of our party for appropriate actions. (SEE ANNEXURES 9 & 10).

Since nature abhors vacuum, Hon. Samson Bamgbose who was the Deputy Chairman was unanimously chosen to act as the State Chairman. Thereafter, he oversaw the conduct of the State Congress on the 3rd of April, 2020 – in line with the judgment of the court in Suit No. FHC/L/CS/636/2016. At the congress, Bamgbose was returned as the Chairman-elect and he is to assume office on the 10th of May, 2020 when the tenure of the current State Executive Committee will end.  

After Bamgbose’s emergence, Engr. Dayo started his parallel group whereby he and other impostors constituted themselves into a fake State Working Committee. He boasted on the Lado TV and other press statements that he had cancelled the ward and local government congresses that had been done under his supervision.

This same Engr. Dayo had confirmed in two separate letters to INEC dated 14th and 23rd of March, 2020 as well as the media that the congresses were successfully held (SEE ANNEXURES 11 & 12) This was some days before his suspension. His volte-face made the new Ogun State Executive Committee of the PDP to approach the Federal High Court, Abeokuta, to enforce their rights.


What is more, the Federal High Court sitting in Abeokuta on the 24th of April, 2020 has ordered that, “…the parties shall respect the principle of lis pendens and maintain status quo antebellum pending the hearing and determination of the Applicants’ Motion on Notice which is already filed before this court”. 

Prior to this time, he had written a letter dated 14th February, 2020, to the Ogun State Police Command and other relevant agencies informing them of the scheduled congresses (SEE ANNEXURE 13).

From the above, you may wish to ask him if he was the one that wrote of the aforementioned letters or not? And what is the rationale behind his current actions?

However, since his suspension, Engr. Dayo has been threatening fire and brimstone in a bid to get at members of the State Working Committee (SWC) who dared to suspend him and those he thinks are behind his ordeal. Hence, the launch of his campaign of calumny against me.

When I became aware of Engr. Dayo’s evil plots and heard that he told The Punch’s correspondent in Ogun State, Daud Olatunji that I attempted to bribe him with N10 million to sign some congress documents, I decided to issue a rejoinder wherein I set the records straight.  The publication is marked as ANNEXURE 14.



As part of Engr. Adebayo Dayo’s desperate moves to usurp the powers and functions of the leadership of the party in the state, he is now in league with some impostors who are parading themselves as members of the State Working Committee/State Executive Committee of the Party (SEE ANNEXURE 15). These are people who had been replaced after they either left on their own volition or resigned to contest elections (SEE ANNEXURE 16).

In a letter dated 3rd March, 2020, Engr. Dayo personally signed the document in which he announced the appointment of Barrister (Mrs) Bimbo Lanre-Balogun as Acting State Secretary of the PDP in Ogun State.

Furthermore, Engr. Dayo wrote a letter dated 7th of March, 2020, to the Commissioner of Police, Ogun State and copied the AIG, Zone 2 Headquarters; Director, DSS, Ogun State Command and the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Ogun State, wherein he described one of his new allies, Alhaji Semiu Sodipo, as a former State Secretary of the Party “who has been suspended and is scheduled to appear before State’s Disciplinary Committee to defend himself over various anti-party activities.”


In spite of all these, the suspended Chairman and his co-travellers have been meeting and purportedly taking decisions on behalf of the State Working Committee/State Executive Committee whereas by a letter dated 3rd of March, 2020, to the law firm representing the Ogun State PDP Executive, Engr. Dayo himself listed the authentic members of the State Working Committee. This is a clear case of deceit, impersonation and forgery meant to cause confusion and mislead unsuspecting members of the public (SEE ANNEXURE 17).

Engr. Dayo even got the Acting State Secretary, Mrs Bimbo Lanre-Balogun and erstwhile Organising Secretary, Koye Ijaduoye, to depose to two affidavits for the case he instituted at Abeokuta in which they affirmed that those Engr. Dayo is parading as members of the Ogun State PDP Exco left on their own volition and had been replaced accordingly. In fact, Ijaduoye said they were offered money to lie and lay claim to who they are not (SEE ANNEXURES 18 & 19).

While Engr. Dayo can be reached on 0706 244 1459, his fellow partners-in crime and impostors as well as their telephone numbers are:

1.    Alhaji Semiu Sodipo       - 0803 786 1643

2.    Mr. Boye Adesina           - 0806 613 3783                       

3.    Mr. Daisi Akintan            - 0803 722 1980

4.    Hon. Leye Odunjo           - 0802 424 2705/0803 667 0116

5.    Mr. Femi Alao                 - 0814 041 4229/0808 701 2730

6.    Mr. Bolaji Adeniji            - 0806 279 0586/0809 457 8043

7.    Mr. Moruf Ajisegiri           - 0803 978 8328

8.    Mrs. Remi Olusoji            - 0706 065 1939

9.    Mrs. Funke Wusu             - 0803 528 5766    

All these usurpers should be invited and questioned on why they are impersonating the real members of the Ogun State Working Committee of the PDP. They have also been going about saying the Ward, Local Government and State congresses never held when they are in no position to make such declaration. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the Ward, Local Government and State Congresses were held on the 7th of March, 2020, 21st of March, 2020 and 3rd of April, 2020 respectively.

Their outlandish claim is meant to prepare the grounds for their planned invasion of the state party secretariat on IBB Boulevard, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, with armed thugs and hoodlums who will maim and kill innocent party members, workers and officials.

I wish to respectfully urge you to confront them with all these evidence and asked why he and others are carrying out acts of impersonating and fraud with intent to cause chaos in Ogun State. Failure to offer satisfactory justification should make them to be prosecuted for conspiracy, fraud, impersonation and conduct likely to cause a breach of public peace accordingly.


Following the suspension of Engr. Dayo as State Chairman, many leaders and elders of the PDP in Ogun State and members of the State Working Committee/State Executive Committee have been living in fear of being attacked. Some of us have been seeing strange faces and unregistered vehicles trailing us lately. At other times, we get strange calls from unknown numbers, warning us to be careful or else we would be dealt with.  Since they could not have their way, credible information at my disposal shows that Engr. Dayo and his allies have been threatening to attack us either directly or by proxies.

Although Engr. Dayo had personally threatened to kill me either in Lagos or whenever I step my feet into my home town in Ijebu-Igbo, I never took it to heart until I remembered that a fellow party member, Samuel Olayinka Soneye had warned me to beware of Engr. Dayo because of his murderous antecedents.

Soneye told me of how Engr. Dayo personally shot and killed one Titilayo Poroye during his fight to become the traditional ruler of Japara, Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State. A reprisal attack that followed, I was further informed, led to the death of Engr. J. Ola Oduyemi and Olola Ogunnaike. When dust settled on the brawl, three people had been killed. Kindly refer once more to Soneye’s voluntary statement referenced above

I am also aware that Engr. Dayo has threatened to kill a certain Rasaq Bakare, who worked closely with his son for seven years, if he dared to reveal all that his son, Bola, had acquired with the monies he stole from me. The audio recording of Engr. Dayo’s threats to the said Rasaq is marked as ANNEXURE 20. Also marked as ANNEXURE 21 is Rasaq’s voluntary statement in respect of his son, Bola’s acquisitions.

Engr. Dayo is always armed with pump action and other rifles that he keeps in his house in Japara, Ijebu-Igbo and its environs. He keeps the guns under the guise of being a hunter. But, we all know the kind of guns that hunters should have and even at that they should obtain licence for them.


It was one of his many guns that he used to kill one Titilayo Poroye in broad-day light as revealed in the Soneye’s statement.


Mr. Adeleke Shittu has corroborated Mr. Soneye’s testimony about how Engr. Dayo killed and/or caused the death of some person (SEE ANNEXURES 6 above)


Excerpts of Shittu’s statement are as follows: “Chief Adebayo Dayo is my mother’s cousin and my distant uncle and we have a very cordial relationship. This chummy relationship continued until when the Obaship tussle in Japara, Ijebu-Igbo, broke out and he was alleged to have killed some members of his community in Japara, Ijebu-Igbo. I had been instructed to support Chief Adebayo Dayo opponent, the current Oba Aderemi Ogunye against his own aspiration. Chief Adebayo Dayo felt offended by my support for his opponent and reported me to my late uncle, Chief Tola Okunleye, who eventually brokered peace between Chief Dayo and me.”


Also, in a further statement dated 19th April, 2020, Hon. Abiodun (a.k.a SLY) spoke of how Engr. Dayo told him that he would hit me hard and also teach me the lesson of a life time (SEE ANNEXURE 7 above)


The voluntary statement of Mudashiru Owonla, which he made on the 28th of April, 2020, took all the issue of threats to life beyond the realm of speculation. He confirmed Engr. Dayo’s notoriety when he said Engr. Dayo called him (Owonla) on 0810 915 8414 around 2:24 pm on the 24th of April, 2020 with his (Dayo’s) telephone number 0805 271 2750 and invited him to his house in Japara area of Ijebu-Igbo. According to Owonla, when he got to Engr. Dayo’s house, he told him that he wanted him to carry out an assignment and that he will pay him N1,000,000 (One Million Naira) with an upfront payment of N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira) and the balance of N800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand Naira) when they are set to do the job.


Specifically, Owonla said Engr. Dayo told him that he wanted him to get some cultists who would monitor my movement in Lagos, and then shoot and kill me. The full text of Mr. Owonla’s voluntary statement is marked as ANNEXURE 22.

It might interest you to note that all these witnesses have made statements to the Police at Zone 2.


History and facts have shown that crime and criminalities run in Dayo’s family. Engr. Dayo’s father was popularly known as “Baba Fadiya” which is an euphemism for a rapist. He was known for committing incest and defiling underage girls. Both Chief Dayo and his son, Bola have inherited the same criminal tendencies which are manifesting in various ways such as stealing, betrayal and fraudulent conversion of other people’s properties to theirs.  

All the above witnesses have sworn to affidavits and made statements to the Police. They are willing to testify in court and support the law enforcement agencies in their investigations. Further to his desperate moves, Engr. Dayo has gone diabolical. He goes from the house one juju man to the other mentioning my name and mother’s name to juju men in Japara, Ijebu-Igbo. He wants them to kill me through diabolical means. Two of the juju men that he has gone to are Ifa Sunday and Landlord. This was confirmed to me by Olayinka Soneye (a.k.a Sugar) and other people in Ijebu-Igbo.

I humbly urge the security agencies to invite these juju men for justice. In the alternative, Soneye can take them to their houses. I stand on the power of Almighty Allah sub hanna wata ala for protection and safety.


It has also been brought to my attention that four armed policemen have been attached to Engr. Dayo and he goes about our community in Ijebu-Igbo and its environs terrorising the people under the protection of the policemen.

He is boasting and telling anyone who cares to listen that he has paid the authorities to keep the policemen with him for as long as he wants and that anyone who crosses his path will be severely dealt with by his armed policemen.

According to the Police Act, Engr. Dayo is neither a Very Important Personality (VIP) nor is he a public or political office holder. He is also not business entrepreneur, a multi-national organisation or corporate individual or entity. Therefore, he does not meet the basic requirement for the attachment of police escorts.

He claims that upon his application for police escorts, the Adebutus intervened and helped him to sort it. I do not know how far true this is. Hon. Ladi Adebutu told his political associates that Engr. Dayo’s application for Policemen was refused. But, he (Adebutu) had to give Dayo four policemen from the ones attached to their family and/or businesses. This is clearly an illegal act and abuse of privilege that should not be condoned and allowed to continue.

You may wish to use your good offices to investigate how he got the Police escorts attached to a killer that can cause problem and endanger the lives of the innocent policemen.

The truth is Engr. Dayo’s claim that his life is under threat is nothing more than a smokescreen meant to divert attention and conceal the fact he is the one threatening to harm and kill people.



Given all of Engr. Dayo’s purported actions together with the impostor exco that he is putting together to cause trouble and justify the sale of the structure, if precautionary steps are not taken and they make  good their plan to attack any of us either on the road, at home, work or at the Party Secretariat, it might be a recipe for chaos and the breakdown of law and order as I may not be in a position to restrain party loyalists and supporters from reacting; and the spiral effect may be too grim to be contemplated. THE LAW ENFORECEMENT AGENCIES ARE HEREBY URGED TO URGENTLY TAKE PROACTIVE STEPS TO PREVENT THEM FROM LAUNCHING THEIR EVIL ATTACKS.

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