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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Arabambi To Osoba: 'You're Reckless And Irresponsible'

The crises in the People's Democratic Party PDP in Ogun state has taken another dimension as Comrade Abayomi Arabambi dragged former house of assembly candidate of Labour Party, LP Comrade Niyi Osoba to the mud for intervening into People's Democratic Party issues. 

According to the press statement released by Comrade Abayomi Arabambi >


My attention was drawn to a public statement credited to Comrade Niyi Osoba ( Phd ) , a member of Ogun LP and in fact Ogun LP's  Candidate for the Ijebu Central Constituency seat in the 2019 general election .

 His statement is supposed to be his response to the press release , credited to the Governorship Candidate of PDP in the 2019 general elections , Distinguished Senator Buruji Kashamu

His reckless and very irresponsible response to the well articulated position of Senator Buruji Kashamu as opposed to the incompetent and illegal assertion of the PDP National Chairman to the effect that the Distinguished Senator Buruji Kashamu has ceased to be a member of PDP.

Here - under is my reaction and response to the Osoba statement , specifically for the purpose of setting some facts aright. Please read on :

 The crafty is always caught in his craftiness. People who are much discredited by their past are limited in the needful capacity to be coherent in a public discussion.

Everyone is free to  say whatever but of course , the freedom doesn't include being free from the consequences of his talk.

In his own self - written testimonial as depicted in his bland and attention seeking statement directed at Senator Buruji Kashamu , he laboured very much unsuccessfully to do two things : 

(1) to expose his personal lack of adequate understanding of the issues at stake in the political dispute between the Lado group of PDP with the National Exco , on the one hand and the Legal Ogun State PDP , led by Senator Buruji Kashamu on the other hand.

 (2) to publicly show the inadequate level of his political party Administration experience and the constitutional rights , privileges and demands including the responsibilities  involved.

To Dr Niyi Osoba in spite of his  hard earned Doctorate degree acquired as he was able to , he has demonstrated a very embarrassingly hollow , shallow and  vague kind of reasoning.

In his published statement on the crisis in Ogun PDP , he sees the crisis as one in which only one single individual's personal interest  could be recklessly fingered as the only factor and interest that precipitated the crisis .

Currently , the correct position of the law says that the Lado group are not only non existent but mere puppets of certain interests outside Ogun PDP domicile in Abuja

Dr Niyi Osoba was so wrong to have stepped out of the history of the crisis in Ogun PDP and thus wrote out the various Judicial pronouncements and orders constituting the correct legal position of each side to the dispute .
Meanwhile , it is not really important to dignify the empty rantings he pushed out as a statement with a reply as one does here ,but for the need of letting Dr Niyi  Osoba  knows  that he is still living with the poor political vision he is perpetually acknowledged for.

However , to give the public an insight into Dr  Niyi Osoba's pitiable personality , i must state the following : 

(1). In 2019 , he had to migrate from Lado group to beg for the National Assembly Candidacy for Ijebu Central Constituency.

(2). He was, in the Lado group throughly dumped and denied the same ticket after the group felt that he has been used to embarrass the other side by his decamping from the Buruji Kashamu led legal and authentic Ogun PDP into the Lado floating and unrecognized arms of  Ogun PDP.

(3) Unknown to the unsuspecting Lado group and their legendary political naivety that Dr Niyi Osoba had to run away  from the Buruji led authentic Ogun PDP for reasons of dishonesty that  bordered on dereliction of duty

(4). It was same  Ogun LP under my leadership  that I was persuaded as a fellow Comrade to give him the desired ticket free as he pledged to pay his nomination fees later .

(5) He is so much driven by greed and he was bought out of Ogun LP by Lado group with  monetary persuasion to still go back to the same group that treated him  with  scorn earlier when he wanted the House of Representatives ticket, when the Lado group hopelessly hope that the group will be eventually recognised by INEC.

 (6) As at today , I as the State Chairman of Ogun LP is yet to receive Dr  Niyi Osoba's formal resignation letter as a member of Ogun LP. He still remains Ogun State LP former Candidate for Ijebu Central Federal Constituency for 2019 election.

It is really a wonder to hear Dr  Niyi Osoba pitiably justifying the position of the Lado group when he is conscious of the circumstances that made him scuttle out of the Buruji Kashamu Omo Ilu as a paid DG under some very shameful circumstances to join the group that eventually found him more worthless than even tissue paper .

By and large , it should be clear to the public that Niyi Osoba is a man who is highly lacking in scruples . It is much understandable why he has slipped this much down on the scale of integrity to become this sorry personality that is now expressly driven by this very unimaginable moral deadness . It is sad.

Finally , it is very much clearer to the politically initiated that the current attitude of some hawks in the Lado group that are urging him to once again embark on a lost war against the authentic and legal Ogun PDP led by Senator Buruji Kashamu that is coming from a truly very strong position is going to attract some unintended and very unprecedented consequences for very many and their political careers.

It will not be good enough to end this piece without letting it be known by the public and Lado politically dying group  to note that Comrade Dr  Niyi Osoba is still a bona fide member of Ogun LP up to this very moment. 

Again , there is practically nothing that Comrade Dr Niyi Osoba can offer in this his shaky and illegal political home in Lado's PDP group.

Comrade Gentleman Arabambi  Abayomi

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