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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Akinola Festus Speaks on Quality of Drivers on Our Highways .

The chairman of Nigeria Driving School Proprietors Association (NDSPA) , Ogun State chapter , Akinola Festue Akinyemi has said that we have some drivers who are half baked and those who are not properly trained on our highways .

Akinola Festus made this known  last week at the end of two day workshop organized by Vehicle Inspection Office , Ministry of Works & Infrastructure , Ogun State  .

Akinola said driving schools in Ogun State was established in 1980 and since then they have been enjoying it .He said the problems on our highways is associated with the drivers who are not properly trained or half baked. 

" On the quality of drivers plying our major highways ,, we have some that are half baked and some that are not  properly trained at all . 

The problem of Nigerians is that we take things with levity hand . The problem of our drivers is that they believe Nigeria is a lawless country which honestly they are wrong . May be because they are too familiar with the agencies that are saddled with responsibilities of taking charge of the drivers . he said .

The chairman also spoke on prosecuting those operating driving schools without any government approval .He said in as much there is no law forbidding anybody training other people ,people will continue their lawless act as a normal way .

According to him "  as long as there is no law forbidding anybody training other people , for example , the husband will train the wife , the older one among the children will train others . There is nothing one can do because there is no law if you say you want to prosecute them . 

So government should make law that will prevent or forbid anybody training other people except if such people have undergone the needed training in a certified driving school  .

Now we have been saddled with responsibilities of training the drivers before they can process their drivers license . The agencies must make sure anybody on the steering wheel , had trained by certified driving school .This is because we have some driving schools that are not certified and some that are not registered at all ." he noted .

On how to reduce mushroom driving schools , Mr Akinola Festus said the ministry of Works & Infrastructure , Ogun State has approved a colour for all the driving schools in Ogun State . He said the colour is to enable the government agencies , I .e FRSC , VIO and the Nigeria police to identify  anybody training  with unapproved colour for driving schools .

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