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Monday, September 23, 2019

REVEALED: The Genesis Of Shameless Rifts Between Toyin Abraham And Lizy Anjorin

The shameless feud between Nollywood actresses, Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin, appears to be in a messy dimension.

The hot exchange in the last couple of days came to a full glare with the actresses going back and forth with allegations and counter responses

Controversially, this appears to be a tough time for their fans and perhaps sort of entertainment to neutral observers and bloggers.

Anjorin, who has made more ‘unsavoury claims’ about Toyin with unpleasant jabs seem not to be ready to let the dust settle.

Lizzy Anjorin allegedly accused Toyin Abraham of running the blog alongside multiple Instagram accounts to troll her and other colleagues in the movie industry.

Lizzy claimed that Toyin leaked damaging reports about her to blogs.

The fight however came to a full glare with a post by a popular actress alleging that when Toyin Abraham put to bed, she didn’t send her a congratulatory message.

This sparked a debate on her page. While her fans hurled insults on Anjorin, others said Toyin kept mute as this was going on.

However, the issue was later watered down when Toyin went on to apologise that she saw her message.

After this scenario, Nigerians woke up to see that the social media has been frenzied since Anjorin claimed the actress was living a fake life and didn’t even have a car or a house of her own.

She also alleged that contrary to the rumour that she gave birth to her child abroad, she actually was delivered of the baby at a local “agbo” seller’s house.

She also alleged Toyin had to borrow costumes for her photo shoots.

Interestingly, the nursing mother with the help of her publicist, Big Sam of Broadway TV, released a video showing her after she welcomed her son in a hospital in Lekki, Lagos.

On why she had her baby in Nigeria at the Vedic lifecare hospital in Lekki,

Toyin Abraham said: “I got to know this place when I came to visit Princess Shyngle, that actress when I came to visit her when she had issues and I loved how nice everyone, the doctors and nurses were.

“Since I had just moved into Lekki with my husband then, I decided to make this my family hospital.

“It has been a great experience, trust me. I am so happy and that is why I decided to have my baby in Nigeria because I trust the people here. I actually traveled out but I came back to Nigeria because I wanted him here at Vedic hospital with trusted hands.”

Now that things seems to have fallen apart between the duo. let’s watch as more drama unfolds.

Toyin Abraham has sent a legal warning of ‘cease and desist’ notice letter to the Lizzy Anjorin through her lawyers requesting her to forward a letter of apology via their office, and on her Instagram page.

Her lawyer said she issued the last warning to Liz Anjorin and if she failed to reply within 24 hours, they would be forced to file a N500m damages legal action against her.

However, in her usual controversial style, Toyin Abraham further called Liz Anjorin a ‘pig’ in the caption of the post.

“Silence is not golden. Rather than wrestle with a pig, it might be ideal to let the pig know that it belongs in the pen. I’m no longer speaking on this, my management team and attorneys are taking this up.

Anjorin replied that she has written a petition to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) to investigate them as she has been accused by Toyin of dealing in drugs.

Meanwhile, Lizzy is of the opinion that Toyin has always being a cocaine user from the post she made on Instagram.

Some of the veterans in the movie industry have intervened in the messy fight between the actresses.

Mr. Latin, who is the president of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), lamented the uncouth attitude of the actresses and expressed his disappointment over the ongoing controversy.

Veteran Yoruba actors, Yinka Quadri and Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin) said they would not accept ”any act of indiscipline” from feuding actresses.

Toyin’s husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi, waded into the war of words by reiterating the need for the actresses to stop misbehaving on social media.

In the post, he wrote: “We ought to have use social media for more useful and impactful things and not this misbehaviour.

“We are called celebrities because many people look up to us and want to be like us. Why are we misleading these people, we are meant to be good teachers and not a bad influence on society. Please and please let’s have a change of mindset to do good, if not for anything for the fact that people are looking up to us in so many ways of life God bless you all.”

Sadly, these ‘social media feuds’ is not new to the movie industry scene. It has become very common among Yoruba actresses.

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