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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Over 100 widows to be empowered on October 1st

Come October 1st, 2019 in Lagos state, a non-government organization, Grace 4 Life Charity would be empowering Nigerians, particularly the widows, while people would also be receiving free food items and others.

The President of Grace 4 Life Charity, Prince Emmanuel Babatunde Adesina speaks with news men in Lagos about the Foundation, his aims and objectives and why they are empowering Nigerians. Excerpt.

Who I am
I am from Efon Alaaye in Ekiti State. I work and based in Lagos state. I was opportune to spend some time overseas and the life over there is completely different to what we have here.

About Grace For Life Charity
The foundation was just founded by me. Its a non-governmental organization and we are going to use it to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians no matter your tribe and religion. We want to help Nigerians in the aspect of job, feeding, education, health and so on.

No political ambitions
Some people have been saying people that does these type of things usually goes into politics or has an ambition to become a politician but mine is a different case. The last thing I would ever become is a politician. It has always been my ambition to put smiles on the faces of people since I was a kid.

Aims and objectives
My aims and objectives for founding this charity organization is to ensure that no one should go to bed hungry. We have rising cases of suicide now because people are suffering silently and don't have people to pour out their mind to. So, I am embarking on these charity projects without expecting anything in return from people.
I have never dreamt of becoming a President or a Governor but all I ever want to do is to impact the lives of people positively. I want people to be able to say I have made positive impacts in their lives. That's my aims & objectives.

Nigeria @ 59
I am not happy with the way things are going in our country. I am very sure the founding fathers, I mean those who fought for the independence would have been regretting by now and probably if they knew this is how things are going to be, they wouldn't fight for the independence.

October 1st Empowerment
We started this October 1st celebration last year, but last year edition was about interdenominational praises, that is whether you are a Muslim or Christian, once you believe in praising God, you are most welcome. We did last years edition courtesy of Yahweh Ministry, an interdenominational praise ministry. This year edition is going to be the second edition and the newly founded Grace 4 Life Charity in conjunction with Yahweh Ministry would be empowering people and also praise God at the same time.

We want people to troop out because we should know the importance of independence. Without independence, we cannot be doing all we are doing today. In the advance countries, independence days are celebrated specially and people use to get things free of charge that day. But come October 1st, we are going to give 100 widows different kind of food stuffs free of charge. Also, we are going to empower 20 to 30 widows to start a small scale business. Then, we are going to praise God. We have notable artists like Adegbodu Twins, Aduke Gold, Olayinka Babs Atabatubu, Ayan Jesu, Sammy P, Elijah Daniel & Yahweh Praise Ministry to lead us in praises and worship.

The event is taking place on the 1st of October inside Tenima Event Centre located at 196, Iju road, off Gudugba Bus Stop, beside Uno Noodles, Fagba, Lagos state.

Why Lagos?
Since Independence day is a national celebration, some people think the empowerment programme should be in Abuja being the federal capital territory but Lagos is my base and locality, and I am inviting everyone all over the country to join us because the empowerment is first come, first serve.

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