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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why I Want To Serve My People - Hon. Ebitimi Amgbare

Honestly , service to humanity is the best work on  earth which God himself is happy about  it . Firstly, it is very important for me to mention here that I honourable Ebitimi Amgbare from Sagbama Local Government , Bayelsa State wish to  state my intention to run for governorship polls  come November this year .

Over  decades , I have been involved in Bayelsa State Politics  and  at the same time monitoring political scenes of my state with keen interest on how to move the State forward . 

My people , recently I realised that I cannot continue to fold my hands just like what many of us are doing for the past decades for a reason best known to us . In view of the above , I decided to join the governorship race to ameliorate the suffering of the people of Bayelsa . 

I am fully aware of some of the problems we are facing in this state which both present and past government tried in their little capacity to address but to no avail . 

I know just like some of us too that apart from our major city , which is Yenagoa , our roads that link to our local Government is in deplorable condition . We cannot continue like this . Yenagoa must look attractive both night and day . We are the government , let us make this change once and move forward . Our roads must be motorable while our transportation system must be comfortable and affordable .

I feel the pains of Bayelsans because I am part of them . I know what it means when our lives and property are no longer safe.  That is why if I am elected , all our first class traditional rulers will be involved on  how to tackle  security challenges of the state .   

Let us talk about electricity which is the backbone of any economy even in a developed countries around the world . We cannot have an improve economy when there is no electricity . Go to our rural areas and our major urban areas , we will see that the story cannot be different to what we said four years ago . For us to move forward , I will embark on massive power generation both in the rural and urban areas .

America remains the world power today and they continue to be a point of reference because they trust and allowed best capable hands among their leaders such as Martin Luther King senior and all other great heroes of the land to direct their affairs . Pls give me the chance and I will change and I will transform the state to a megal city .

Today , we have hospitals  in the state but how many of them are equipped to the best standard practice  across the globe. ?.Our hospital  will  be equipped  with  qualified doctors and staff .

I am a retiree and therefore I cannot punish them for serving their father's land for 35 years or there about . I know their problems because am part of them .It my duty to pay their pension as at when due .  Pls , I need your support and prayer . I shall lead you well .

My people , let us  make the right choice , four years begin from now . That is why I am soliciting for your support  because the journey to rebuild this state is a collective responsibility .

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