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Monday, August 19, 2019

Between Bayelsans And Senator Heineken Lokpobiri .

Between Bayelsans And Senator Heineken Lokpobiri .

As Bayelsans are clamouring for change that will not only transform their lives but also put the state in a better position among its contemporaries particularly in the area of infrastructure , road network , electricity and youths empowerment among others .

Great Nelson Mandela of blessed memory was the only architect for development in South Africa where other Africa countries as at today see as  "Africa USA " because of level of development in all areas mentioned above . 

Great leaders ,  most time very rear to find particularly in this present day of our democracy . And if we have at all , they are few in number . But among those few leaders we can see today  is senator Heineken Lokpobiri , a governorship aspirant in Bayelsa State .

Talking about Bayelsans State governorship election which is slated for November 2019 , People Democratic Party (PDP) has 22 aspirants as at last count while All Progressive Congress (APC) has three aspirants or more . This alone may pose serious challenges to the people of Bayelsa because of the figure of the aspirants . 

Having too many aspirants  in any election is the beauty of democracy where people will choose their choice among them . 

In Bayelsa today , among the array of aspirants who are out there , senator Heineken Lokpobiri of All Progressive Congress (APC) is one of such leaders the Bayelsans should focus because of his desire to restore the glory of oil rich state . 

Senator Heineken Lokpobiri ,who is a two time senator do not need any introduction again whenever you are talking about political bigwigs in the state and his achievement as a senator speak volume till today . 

Bayelsans need very experienced and intellect who will be able to utilise all available natural resources in the coastline state to develop the state to a Paradise . Without much ado , senator Heineken Lokpobiri is  more qualified for the job .

Testimonies from some of the political gladiators in and outside the state confirmed our positions which we think will benefits Bayelsans who are at cross road  on whom to support . 

 Interestingly , senator Heineken Lokpobiri has done it before and therefore will not promise Bayelsans what he will not do . One of his agenda is to develop the power sector of the state so that Bayelsans can enjoy uninterrupted  power supply of electricity both in rural and urban areas . 

Quality road network is also one of the plans senator Heineken Lokpobiri has for the state . Apart from the State capital that seems to enjoy good roads  , he has promised to do a road network by linking some of the villages in the riverine area  to the others . 

Don't forget that only those wear shoes knows where it pinches them .  He knows much about Bayelsa State because he lives there and also served the state in one capacity or the other .So , a vote for him means a lot . 

Bayelsans should not be confused but be wise .Many were called but only few will be chosen . Among those few is senator Heineken Lokpobiri of All Progressive Congress (APC).  Bayelsans won't regret voting him as their governor because he is a material that has been tested and certified .

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