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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Political Gladiators | No Secrecy In Construction Of MITROS - Banjo Adeyemi | Metro

Re: Amosun Mess At MITROS Suites

Subsequent to online publications containing a material misrepresentation of facts have been brought to the management of MITROS RESIDENCES.

In the interest of the general public, The management of the hotel has reacted with the following facts:

Mitros Residences (Former Gateway Annex) was reconstructed in 2017 by Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation (OPIC) under a mandate given to it by the Ogun State Government.
The facility was constructed in just sixty (60) days with the use of technology particularly the use of aluminum formwork.

According to the Banjo Adeyemi, Managing Director, Mitros Residences, There was no secrecy about the construction as the timeline agreed for the completion of the project put it in the spotlight and till date is still considered 
as one of the breakthroughs in

He said, The reconstruction was jointly funded by the Ogun State Government and OPIC (a state-owned corporation). Mitros Residences remains an asset owned by the state government and managed as an investment commercially by OPIC.

He said, At the time of completion of Mitros Residences, different hotel Consulting companies were invited to bid for the operation of the hotel and Messrs NEUVATION Limited was successful 
and after meeting all necessary requirements won the mandate to manage the hotel.

Neuvation Limited was responsible for the total running of Mitros Residences and this included the hiring and training of staff. The Managing Director of Neuvation personally interviewed the former Hotel Manager and all other management staff deployed by Neuvation who was solely responsible for the management of the hotel.

Also, Mitros Residences has never released funds to any individual or company except for payment of goods or services rendered to the hotel by vendors. One of the many things done by the Neuvation Limited, was to demand and ensure the installation of a standard PMS 
(Property Management System) for the hotel, which allowed the hotel to efficiently manage all it processes from checking in of hotel guest, recording of income and expenditures, inventories and reconciling of its accounting records in a very professional, detailed and 
transparent manner.

He said, Till date, the software is still being used in the hotel, and all the transactions from its inception can be accessed by the relevant authorities.

"Mitros Residences has always handled its own operations separate from the owner’s representatives (OPIC) and is simply required to on a weekly to monthly bases give reports to the owner representative of the situation and progress of its operations and also getting approval for all capital investments and/or managerial hires. Mitros residences have never been used by any company, government official or individual for free. said Bayo Adeyemi"

However, being a State-owned asset, the hotel facilities are used for state functions at a specially discounted rate. 
Neuvation Limited managed Mitros Residences for an initial five (5) months in 2017 and complained about a number of facilities being incomplete, amongst these were the laundry, an industrial kitchen setup and a properly furnished restaurant system.

After a lot of discussions, OPIC and Neuvation Consulting Limited agreed to a suspension of the management contract to allow OPIC fund the required improvements at its own pace. As a 
concession, Neuvation agreed to permit the hotel manager to be retained under OPIC direct supervision for the period of fitting out improvements.

"In late 2018, after all the necessary improvements had been made to the facility, Nevaution Consulting Limited was re-contacted and confirmed its willingness to resume its management mandate for the hotel. It is pertinent to note that prior to this time, there were 
various challenges, including many complaints by staff and hotel guests that necessitated a full-scale investigation by an independent consultant and the report found the hotel manager culpable for being inefficient and some other management staff guilty of dereliction of duty. Adeyemi added."

These managers were asked to resign while the hotel manager was briefly suspended. 
A series of interventions by highly placed individuals led to the decision to give the hotel manager a second chance with stringent controls and under close monitoring and supervision by Neuvation limited (the retained independent managers of the hotel).

However, the former hotel manager declined the offer to work under Neuvation and opted 
to leave the hotel.

He said for the general public consumption, Mitros Residences is designed to offer high-quality hospitality services in a professional and memorable manner.

He said, For this reason, the suites lawyers are reviewing this false story and will take legal action as may be appropriate. Although it is a State-owned hotel, and the management have been deliberately empowered to function professionally without undue pressure or influence and this has helped within a short time to carve a niche for the hotel.

He ask all well-meaning persons to ignore these spurious and false allegations about Mitros Suites and remain assured that the management are committed to providing the public with the very best 
hospitality in beautiful Abeokuta.

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