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Friday, December 28, 2018


The chairman of Intra party advisory council IPAC in Ogun State has reacted to to two separates press releases made by certain known, and some faceless  ,under bridge and officeless chairmen, casting dangerous aspersion on my person and integrity through baseless, quack,malicious and absolute grossly incompetence adoption allegation.

I comrade Arabambi, the undisputed Ogun State IPAC chairman incured the wrath of this fellows for my refusal to towed their Line of duties which is their trade Mark of not Wanting any open and all inclusive Ipac Govt upon which my Government shall operate for the next one year.

"I categorically wishes to State that their purpoted news of adoption been peddled all over the media was a fabrication of their sponsor and a false and subtle combine figment of imagination of an un engage mind and should therefore be discaded as one of those late night beer parlour talk manufacture from Oluwole and Jankara market taxis."

However,  The purpoted press release is misleading,mischievous,malicious,nonsensical ,crude and Laughable as there is no video or audio back Up to proof that i made such Statements as Its a norms in Law that all allegations must be proven before it becomes a fact,  therefore this set of PEOPLE are just on a speculative mission to achieved their Dreams of bussiness as usual.

"I made bold to say that their actions is premeditated upon wipping Up sentiments to cause a  distraction to their National Chairmen so as to cover Up their absymal failure to produce various candidates for Election towards 2019 General Election which originally is a known attributes of ROOM AND PARLOUR political designates. Arabambi added"

How on earth will an individual or group of politicians descend to the Arena of delibrate falsehood and character assasination rather than seeking explanation on uninformed issues by openly declared that IPAC chairman has been declared wanted by security agencies in connection with fraudulents activities Amounts to criminal defamatory offence,hate speech,malicious damage ,character assasination and hateful conduct against all relevant laws and constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria. My lawyers has already been directed on the next line of actions against the so called DEFARMATORS to the Commissioner of Police .

Adoption or Endorsement is alien to IPAC constitution as Its only a political Parties  that has the constitutional right to ENDORSE whoever they wish.

Our Executive mission is to continue to dialogue with all Governorship candidates of polítical parties irrespectives of after math imbrogillo resulting from  primaries.

We have no ememies amongst all Guber candidates as we belong to NOBODY but BELONG TO EVERYBODY.

OGUN IPAC therefore refutes the so called press release as a beer parlour statements that should be discarded by all sane mind and individuals because nobody adopted anybody.

Finally,I hereby advise the disgrunted fews to dissipate all thier Energy Towards rebuilding their already moribound  political parties in Ogun State Towards 2023 General Election since they have no candidates for the 2019 Election, and i want them to know that their unholly mission to get back to the State executive of IPAC through the back door is dead on Arrival.

Ogun IPAC once again under my undisputed leadership has no Adopted Candidate.

Our missions to ensured violence free General election is non negotiable

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