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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Adamawa polio vaccination rise to 67%

Adamawa polio vaccination rise to 67%
The rate of routine polio vaccination in Adamawa State has risen to 67 per cent.
This is a huge improvement on what used to be the case, according to the Technical Assistant on Immunization for the state, Dr John Sabo who said in a media interaction in Yola, that it used to be 38 percent.
Adamawa State, like the rest of Nigeria is currently looking to being be certified polio free. Nigeria in 2012 accounted for more than half of polio cases globally but it made gains and on July 24, 2016 the country marked two years without a case, only for the story to change not long afterwards, on August 11 2016, when the Federal Government reported that two children had been paralyzed by the polio virus in Borno, a state within the same Northeast region as Adamawa.
The Adamawa vaccination technical official who spoke in view of the World Polio Day scheduled for October 24, said the state was able to record high success with vaccination after deliberate steps that enhanced access to otherwise hard to reach areas, and assured of yet further efforts to increase the reach.
Success with anti-polio vaccination would certainly also have been helped by receding insurgency activities in recent times, prompting a marked departure from when seven local government areas: Madagali, Michika, Maiha, Mubi North, Mubi South, Hong and Gombi were in the grip of the Boko Haram elements.

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