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Saturday, September 8, 2018


In this interview with journalists in Lagos, popular gospel musician, Evangelist Paul Friday popularly known as Omo Abule reveals what many did not know about him, how he rose from grass to grace and how his hot track “Omo Abule” shot him to stardom. Excerpt:

Paul Friday
Que: Who is Paul Friday?
Ans: I am Paul Friday popularly known as Omo Abule. I am from a village called Karanla near Abaren, very close to Mowe under Obafemi-Owode Local Government, Ogun State.

Que: How did you venture into music?
Ans: I came from a very poor background and when I came to Lagos, I started as a commercial motorcyclist popularly known as okada rider. I used to carry passengers on Lagos-Abeokuta expressway especially from Oshodi to Abule-Egba until the administration of Gov. Babatunde Fashola banned our activities. When we were restricted from carrying passengers, everything became hard and I have to defy the security agents sometimes. My experience as an okada rider was a very tough one. After we were banned, I started as a chorister in our church, Bible Church International under the general overseer, Pastor David Olalekan Ayeni. It was from there I sang my hit track “Omo Abule”. After it was accepted in the church, I recorded it in a studio, push it out and the rest is a story today.

Que: What brought about the song Omo Abule?
Ans: I'm a typical village boy. When I left our village in Ogun State for a greener pasture, I wept bitterly and hope I would one day return as a hero. So, that made me to sing “l’ojo kan le o lo royin mi l’Abule” (One day, I would be the talk of the town in my village) ang glory to God, the track shot me into prominence.

Que: How many records do you have presently?
Ans: I have done “Omo Abule”, “Alagbaro”, “Baba Nla” that was a collaboration and “Semiloore”. By His grace, the fifth one titled “New Glory” is coming soon.

Que: What message will the song “New Glory” pass?
Ans: The song “New Glory” which God himself gave me through revelation talks about many things because I could recall that sometimes around January, I had about three fatal accidents consecutively whereby the car I boarded in one of the accidents was a total write off.

But I can connect the incidents to three Pastors who announced to their congregations that they invited me to perform in their churches and I turned them down and that I was dead. Sincerely, I have never been invited to these churches in question.

After the issue of the Pastors, I started facing challenges of accidents to the extent that people started spreading wrong information that Omo-Abule is dead. Coincidentally, a presenter at Lagos State Television called Baba-l’Abule had a fatal accident around that time and people thought it was me. All these experience would be included in the forthcoming album, “New Glory”.

Also, “New Glory” talks about the “ember” month and its currently receiving promotion on air.

Que: You said the song “New Glory” was revealed to you through a vision, can we see Omo Abule becoming a minister of God soon?
Ans: Well, a Pastor has implored me to attend Bible College which I ignored, but if God reveals to me that it’s time to be a Pastor, of course I wouldn’t hesitate. Presently, with God’s revelation, I know where I’m heading to, but God has not told me that it’s time to be a Pastor. If I should become a Pastor without God’s approval, the outcome would be disastrous.

Que: Your songs are always inspirational? What inspires you to write your songs?
Ans: Honestly it’s beyond my imagination. It’s simply a gift from God. There was a day I challenged my manager, Aremo Kabiyesi Owurolawa to give me any title to sing on and to his surprise, I composed a song on it immediately.

Que: Are you still in contact with your village? Hope they have not been forgotten since your stardom?
Ans: I got reconnected with most of my mates when they heard my songs. Also, I got reconnected to a friend who has traveled abroad for almost 30 years through my songs. I am like a hero in my village.

Que: If you aren’t a musician, what would have been your profession?
Ans: Maybe I would have died as an okada man.

Que: What are your ambitions?
Ans: My utmost ambition is to make heaven. In church, when they ask us to make a request from God, my only request is “I want to enter paradise”. Maybe that is why I am not yet rich because I don’t ask God for money.

Que: Any message for your fans?
Ans: I thank them for their support and appeal to them to continue with their support. I love them all.

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