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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Nigeria is under spiritual attack - Prophet Sam

One of the popular Prophet who God is using to change the lives of many people across the Country, Prophet Sam Ojo has reveal some problems Nigeria is facing, saying the country is under spiritual attack. In this interview recently with the Prophet also known as Omoloju Jesu, he also discussed his thriving ministry, his new prayer mountain in Ibadan, Oyo state capital. Excerpts:

Que: Who is Prophet Sam Ojo?
Ans: I was born into Yede Compound in Egbeda Local Government, Ibadan, Oyo state but brought up in Ikire which is under Osun state now. I attended Eko Baptist Primary School and St. Augustine Secondary School, all in Ikire. From there, I went to Ibadan Polytechnic but I couldn't finish due to financial constraints. From there, I went to learn medicine selling at a chemist shop. It was from there that I received my calling and I proceeded to a theological school at Ile-Ife, Osun state before I started my ministry about twenty years ago.

Que: Can you tell us about your ministry?
Ans: The name of our ministry is Freedom Foundation Apostolic Revival International Ministry. I am also the coordinator of Omoloju Jesu Prophetic Outreach Ministry. To the glory of God, we also found Mountain of Glory situated along Ibadan-Ife expressway, opposite Coca-Cola, Asejere, Ibadan, Oyo state. We have several branches of our church within and outside Nigeria.

My ministry is about destiny building. Thats my own calling. No matter how bad and poor your destiny is, we rebuild it and make you fulfil it in the name of Jesus Christ. Under our ministry, many destinies has been turned around positively and that's why everybody is talking about our Mountain of Glory now.

Que: Can you tell us about your Mountain Of Glory?
Ans: The mountain was founded last year but to the glory of God, it has surpassed some mountains of forty years. Miracles, signs and wonders are numerous on this mountain and thats why its the most sought after in Nigeria today. I couldn't believe many top men of God that I look up to could come for prayers on this mountain likewise many celebrities and big men in the society. It's beyond human power.

Meanwhile, when God spoke to me to found this mountain, I didnt know how to go about it. But miraculously, I was called the second day that a mountain in Ibadan is up for sale. When I was looking for where to get the money, the Lord sent someone to me and told me that he was told I need money for a huge project for God. The person gave me a huge some of money in millions and thats how the mountain was miraculously acquired.

Que: Can you take us through your calling?
Ans: It wasn't rosy at all but I give God the glories. I never want to become a man of God in my life. In fact, when the calling came, I refused not until God threatened to take my life. That's when I succumbed. After I left the chemist store, I spent seven good years on the mountain of Ikoyi seeking the face of God. On this mountain, people knew me because I used to beg for food while I used to ride okada (motorcycle) to fend for myself. It wasn't easy.

But, my calling wasn't a surprise to me and many because my grand father and father were Prophets. Also, my father gave birth to us at a very old age and he made a covenant with God that all his male children are going to become a prophet and today, all the seven male children in our family are Prophets and we're all brought up in Christ Apostolic Church.

Que: What do you have to tell us about your annual anniversary?
Ans: It's a yearly anniversary where we give back to the society. I am not a graduate but today, I have produced and sponsored over 100 graduates to the glory of God. But this year anniversary would be different because we are doing it on the mountain. It's a convention and don't forget it always coincide with my birthday which is August eight of every year. We are starting on the 6th of August and ending it on the 12th of August. God said we should bless old people above 60yrs that are unable to build a house. Therefore, all old people should join us and we are giving forty of them free land after which we are going to build a house for them in five years time. We are also building a world class school which would be free for people and many would be empowered as usual. A lot of people are coming worldwide while notable artistes like Dr. Yinka Ayefele (MON), Evang. Lanre Teriba (Atorise), Evang. Dare Melody, Evang. Bunmi Akinnaanu (Omije Oju Mi), Adegbodu Twins and others would perform during the convention.

Que: What do you have to say about the current situation of Nigeria?
Ans: It's pathetic, especially the killings going on but I want to tell you that Nigeria is under demonic attack. Those who are in the spirit can see it and we must continue to pray hard till God changes our situation.

Que: CAN has taken a position on the killing and the federal government of Nigeria, what is your take on that?
Ans: The problem is beyond President Muhammadu Buhari. Nigeria's foundation is faulty and the bible says, when the foundation is faulty, what shall the righteous do. That's why you would see in Nigeria that there is no President that has not been criticized. We criticized Dr Goodluck Jonathan and same goes with President Buhari now, and I can tell you that it's going to be the same for future Presidents because we are under demonic attack.

Que: As a prophet who sees, what has God told you about Nigeria, particularly the forthcoming general elections?
Ans: Gentle men, there is not going to be war in Nigeria. It shall be well with Nigeria. In America, their pastors and citizens prays for their nation but in Nigeria, all what we see is doom and bad things. No true prophet of God would prophecy doom. Even if you see a bad thing as a genuine prophet, you must not publicize it to scare people but rather pray that God should forestall it.

Que: Whats your message for the nation?
Ans: Let's love ourselves and live in peace as brothers. Enough of these religious and ethnic sentiment. I am always closed to tears when I see people especially respected men of God politicizing the killings in the country. Why would someone say the killings are targeted at we Christians? Are those killed only Christians? Are there not hundreds of Muslims being killed too? We need to stop all these religious sentiment because thats what would consume us. We Christians and Muslims must unite to fight this demonic attack with prayers. We must see ourselves as brothers. Even as Christians, if a single Muslim dies, we should cry and feel bad because we preach love and Jesus Christ die for all, not only Christians.

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